Lieke Sovellus Lieke Suunnittelu Oy sähkösuunnittelu Android-mobiilisovellus

How it works

Lieke is a mobile app used at construction sites. It is designed to digitalize the paper chaos at many construction sites. The simple user-interface makes Lieke easy to use. Thanks to Lieke, everyone at sites will have the latest plans. Changes made at the location can be instantly reviewed at the office, and vice versa.

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All the documents are up-to-date, in the same place, and accessible by the right people.

Android and iOS

Works on Android and iOS - virtually on all tablets and mobile phones.

Project management

Manage the project with a separate web application for project management.


Edit the drawings with changes that instantaneously are visibles to others.

Map view

View all the construction sites in the same map view.


Handy camera feature, which lets you edit the picture and embed it in the right place on the ground plan.

Offline working

Use the app in demanding conditions without a realiable connection.

Version control

Keep the documents up-to-date and review the old versions.

Among our clients

Lieke Sovellukset Oy with the help of The Center for Economic Development has modified the construction site mobile application for the growing customer needs. With the help of the project the amount of supported devices is higher and the application has been published in the most known application stores.

Towards the future

Up-to-date documents and drawings on mobile.

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