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Frequently asked questions by users

Downloading Lieke on an Android device

Lieke is available for mobile devices that have Android OS 4.2.2 or a later version as the operating system. Download Lieke from the Play Store.

Downloading Lieke on an iOS device

Download Lieke from the App store.

Demo login credentials

If you don’t have the demo login credentials yet, you can get them by starting a free trial.

Lieke consists of two applications. Web application is used to create and manage projects. The administrator can add documents like drawings to share with other users. The web application works on browser.

Mobile app is used to view and edit files. Whether a user can edit files depends on their rights that are determined in the web application.

Lieke consists of two applications. The web application works on any web browser, and the mobile app works on mobile devices that have Android as the operating system.

Web application is used to create new projects, folders, manage user rights, and to view and edit documents inside the projects.

Mobile app is used to view and edit documents added to the project through the web application, and to add photographs to folders and documents.

The user uses the same credentials to sign in each app.  The sign in page for web application can be found here.

The mobile app is first downloaded Lieke .apk from here.

Changes made to the documents do not need to be saved in a separate step because the changes are saved automatically if the device is connected to a network. If the device is temporarily offline, the changes will be saved to the device’s memory and automatically updated to other users once the network connection is restored. This feature enables working offline in areas where the connection is bad.

Images can be easily embedded into building plans that are saved in the app. Start by opening the building plan and clicking the camera icon in the toolbar. The image can be chosen from the device or can be taken with the application through the camera. When the desired image is chosen, tap the OK sign.

Next, tap the location on the building plan where you would like to embed the image. After choosing the location, a red camera icon will appear. You can open the image in a thumbnail size by tapping the camera icon, and in normal size by tapping the thumbnail. The camera icon can also be moved around.

Users can be added to an existing project by clicking the button in the top-right corner of the project’s front page. After clicking the button, a new window will open. Fill in the user’s email address and the desired right. By default, the user will only get a viewing right.

Only users whose information have been provided to the maintenance of Lieke can be added to projects. When a user is added to a project, they will receive an automatic notification email.

Users and their rights added to a project can be viewed on the project’s front page. User rights can be changed simply by clicking the desired right on the right side of the user’s email address.

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