Documenting construction sites and properties is now easy with Lieke

Lieke Sovellus Lieke Suunnittelu Oy sähkösuunnittelu Android-mobiilisovellus
Automatic version control ensures that whole staff has the same information at all times.

The idea for Lieke was born during a coffee break after a near miss situation on a construction site in Kajaani, Finland. A mechanic returning from a holiday was starting demolition work in accordance with the drawings. When a colleague arrived to welcome the mechanic back, it was revealed that the plans were changed and the demolition had been cancelled. The work was halted and the mechanic was given the latest drawings.

Construction mistakes are usually born due to humane information gaps and outdated instructions. Lieke enables up-to-date drawings and other construction site documents straight from the designer’s desk to the mechanic’s mobile device. Version control is made very easy, because the newest version, as well as the redlining made on the site, are always first at hand.

Lieke Sovellus Lieke Suunnittelu Oy sähkösuunnittelu Android-mobiilisovellus
The mobile phone in your pocket contains all the documentation of the construction site.

On-site redlining and documentation

Simplicity has been the number one principle guiding the product development of Lieke. We want to ensure that taking the app into use will be fast and easy for all users. Our philosophy states that all updates made to the app will have to be meaningful, streamlined, and user-oriented.

On-site redlining and documentation is made possible with the introduction of the drawing, text, scale, and symbol tools. The camera feature allows you to embed pictures into drawings with great accuracy. All the updates to the documents are immediately visible to the other users on the construction site.

While the mobile device is offline, all the changes made to the documents in the app are pushed automatically once the device gets connected online. All the markings made while using the drawing tool are saved automatically. It’s impossible to accidentally remove any documents.

Lieke Sovellus Lieke Suunnittelu Oy sähkösuunnittelu Android-mobiilisovellus
Lieke works as a link between the construction site and the office.

Administer all the data through the web application

Use the web application for project management by defining the rights for each user. When everyone sees only the data they’re supposed to see, it becomes easier for everyone to find what they’re looking for. The user can have the wieving or editing rights for each material, according to their respective assignment.


  • Lower probability of construction mistakes due to information gaps.
  • The construction site will always have the latest version of the drawings.
  • No more need to print several sets of drawings for the construction site.
  • All the drawings and instructions are available on a mobile device.
  • All the on-site markings and other documentation are instantly at the project management’s disposal.
  • Preparing the final drawings is simpler and faster as all the on-site markings are in the same picture.

Simple for the user and the payer

When using Lieke, you will only pay for what you need. User-based monthly subscriptions and a short termination period enable benefits also in short projects. Lieke is priced based on the number of users, the length of the project, and the amount and size of the saved projects. The application is easy to adopt and does not necessarily require separately priced instruction days. Ask for an offer!

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